Located in Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky. Waverly Hills opened its doors in 1910 a two story building made to accommodate 40 to 50 tuberculosis patients. It’s doors were open from 1910 to 1962 when the hospital was closed. Some say there was more to it than the medical discovery of Streptomycin being found and distributed to battle the sickness termed “The White Death”. However, when Waverly closed its many doors they did not remain shut for long.

In 1962 later that year the building we reopened this time under the name of Woodhaven Medical Service. Woodhaven was whispered to be something darker, something terrible. The patients told story of their friends who had died under curious circumstances. This was dismissed widely as stories of the elderly, the demented and the fanciful. Seeing as it was a home to care for the elder and aging it was to be expected at that time. Though other rumors circulated that it was also a home for the Insane. An Asylum where people were experimented upon. This was something that was dismissed as wild rumors, but there is a inkling of truth to this suspicion. In 1982 the doors closed, the official reason given by the higher ups was they were over populated and understaffed which was true. What was kept out of the papers was the young daughter of a prominent man was killed.

In 1983 the place was purchased by one J. Clifford Todd who with his architect friend Milton Thomas with whom the two had planed to create a minimum security prison for the state. Obviously this fell through. Which seemed to be a common occurrence with this land.

Next, in 1996 Robert Alberhosky bought Waverly Hills ad the surrounding area for his Christ the Redeemer Foundation Inc. He wanted to construct the world’s tallest statue of Jesus on the Site. He was unable to raise much in the way of money and construction fell through. The project was cancelled in December of 1997.

This is the history shared with the public.

If you are reading this , than you have received an invitation from me, to join me on my exploration of Waverly. As I have mentioned this is the known history of the site. There is so much more to it that is not available. This expedition is not for the feint of heart as their is a dark history behind it, and possible a darker future ahead of it.

I believe Waverly to be quiet Awake and very capable of interaction with those who eek to explore it as we do. You will find a first class ticket included with this invitation. It will bring you to Tulani University where I will hold a small get together and complete the briefing for those interested in the next big step….

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